Gia’s Past Litter Pictures

Gia is a Poodle that was part of our breeding program and had some really great looking Chocolate Mini Labradoodles. She is now retired and living happily with her forever family. She was a wonderful addition to our breeding program and produced some really fabulous chocolate mini labradoodles. Two of her puppies are part of our breeding program, Gracie and Mitzi, and will continue her line of great chocolate labradoodles!

Gracie – Chocolate Mini Australian Labradoodles

Scout – Chocolate Mini Labradoodles

Mitzi – Chocolate Mini Labradoodle

Addie – Chocolate Mini Labradoodle

Kenan – Chocolate Mini Labradoodle


We hope you’ve enjoyed the updates from Gia’s Chocolate Mini Labradoodle puppies! Gia is retired now, but her puppies Gracie and Mitzi are part of our breeding program. Be sure to check and see if they have any upcoming litters below!


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