Labradoodle Testimonials and Owner Feedback (Page 2)

We absolutely love hearing back from our puppies families! Below are some of the wonderful testimonials and feedback from people who have adopted Labradoodles from us. (We put 10 testimonials per page. Click the links below for additional testimonials)

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Just checking in with you- Barkley has had a wonderful past few weeks acclimating to our family! He is so loving and so incredibly playful and just plain funny! He keeps us laughing and surprises us everyday with how smart he already is. His crate training is definitely coming along as we’d hoped it would. Amber


Here’s a photo from tonight of Shewy. They have become fast friends and he is doing fabulous with housetraining. His coat is amazing, it’s already grown a lot in just the week he’s been with us. His personality is coming out too; when he barks it’s low and deep… Kind of funny because we aren’t sure if that’s his real bark or if he is imitating Mack’s bark.  Either way it’s adorable. He is just precious! Thanks again, Robin


Hey Tom and Robyn, We are very happy with Chip. He is now 11 weeks old and knows many commands including, Sit, Stay, Wait, lay down & come. He also knows a few other things, like Give me 5, pull it (to play tug of war), get it, and is getting very good at ringing a bell when he needs to go outside. He does that about 90% of the time. He is about 95% housebroken and is crate trained.  He sleeps through the night too now!!!  We are now trying to master Drop it. So we can play fetch. We love to watch him hop to get something he is excited for! It is soo cute. He is very social, loves everyone, especially kids and he gets along well with other dogs too. He is just now learning how to actually play with some of the other dogs in our neighborhood. Sal and Misty


Robyn, My daughter has some more great “just Jessie” photos that we can send along later, but here are a few with the dogs on Christmas morning. Jessie is fantastic- so sweet and smart! She is very athletic and is a great running partner. Last night, I jogged, my daughter rode her bike, and Jessie ran right along side. She always keeps a good pace and stays right with the children. When we go hiking, she can go off-leash and stays with the person in the front, but she always runs back to check on whoever in the family is “last in line” on the trail. She never runs away from us. She is also a great dog to cuddle with; she loves to snuggle up on the couch or lay right by our feet. We love her so much! Thanks for checking in, and Happy New Year! Susanne


Hi Tom and Robyn!
Well little Henri had a tough drive home (she cried most of the way) but she’s been such a happy camper since we got here! She’s been taking breaks from hard rounds of playing to nap on our stomachs. We’ve been very impressed too as she’s gone to the bathroom 3 times outside, and 0 times in the house! So far no hives for Courtney either! My entire family came over and is in love with her. I’ve attached two pictures we took on his first trip outside …don’t worry we won’t be sending you pictures daily 🙂
Thank you again for everything, and we’ll be in touch! – Isaac


Tom& Robyn,
Took Maddox today for his check up. He was such a hit at the vet. I ended up crating the puppy goldendoodle and him together and surprisingly that is going extremely well! Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep. I plan to start puppy training next week with my roommate. I’m excited for him! Thanks for everything! – Patti


Hello Tom & Robyn,
I hope you are getting your home back to normal for a bit.  Moose has been doing well.  He has been getting spoiled by all.  He didn’t sleep well the first few nights (which we expected), but he seemed to get the hang of it last night.  We had his first vet appointment on Monday and my husband faxed you the paperwork this morning.  All checked out well.  We go back this coming Monday for his 9 week shot. I attached a few of pictures of Moose for you to see. I hope all is well with you and your family. – Hope


Robyn – we are enjoying Cooper – he is doing great – potty trained and growing – already up to 16 pounds on his 6 month birthday. We had him neutered last week – I have attached the documentation. Hope you are doing well – Shelley


Tom & Robyn, Wanted to touch base to let you know that blue is doing amazing. He sits and comes and is still figuring out the paper pads but we are getting there!!! The first night was a great success! He went to sleep with very little crying and the horns an sirens if New York City don’t seem to phase him!  He is snugly and loving and playful and perfect. We love him so much!! – Lisa


Hi Tom and Robyn,
Just wanted to say hello and update you on orange ribbon (Spencer).  He is doing great and growing like a weed.  Just had his second round of shots.  He is still getting used to my older dog but is doing well. I’ve attached a couple pictures for you to share with your son. Hope you all are well. Take care. – Kimberly



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