Labradoodle Testimonials and Owner Feedback (Page 3)

We absolutely love hearing back from our puppies families! Below are some of the wonderful testimonials and feedback from people who have adopted Labradoodles from us. (We put 10 testimonials per page. Click the links below for additional testimonials)

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Labradoodle Testimonials Page 3


Good morning! Just a quick note to let you know Camilla is growing and learning! She is beautiful, and is the center of attention around here. She will go for some more shots on Friday. Thanks again for our darling girl! – Judy

Hi! We are the family that owns the fabulous “CAMILLA”.  She is the best puppy we have ever had.  She was easy for my daughter to train, and so very loveable. She has NEVER chewed up a pair of shoes, eaten any pillows , or damaged furniture.  We all love her! – Judy



I just wanted to check in with you all. We love Harry so much and are so very grateful to have him in our lives. He is such a perfect boy! Harry goes everywhere with us and he charms everyone he meets. So many people have asked where did we got such a well mannered pretty boy and of course I send him to your website. I have included some pictures feel free to use them if you like. I hope your family is doing well and again thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family. – LeAnn


Baci is a happy, healthy and FUNNY puppy that brings us joy and laughter every single day. He  has recently completed “puppy training” and knows all of the basic commands. We hope to enroll him in the intermediate and then the advanced classes starting in the fall. Our ultimate goal is for Baci to become a therapy dog so that he will be able to bring a little happiness and comfort  into the lives of the elderly and the infirm. – Bob & Lina


He came right in and started napping in his crate :). We are in love! – Amye


Hi Tom and Robyn,
I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Finn is doing great!  We had our first vet visit last weekend and our vet said he looked great (I’ll fax you a copy of the report tomorrow).  He’s getting used to home wonderfully and is enjoying coming to school with me and has been a hit with our faculty and staff.  I’ll keep you posted and send photos of him with kids at our school soon. Thanks – Travis


I want y’all to know that Annie is just perfect. She is so easy to train.We are so pleased with all she has learned and how loving she is. Annie and Banks our big lab are best friends now and so cute together.Thanks for a wonderful pup!!!! – Laurie


I wanted to let y’all know, I have Scout (purple ribbon) home!! She is absolutely amazing!! She is so beautiful and so well natured! Thank you so much for me this beautiful girl!! Thanks again and I will send pictures as she continues to grow! – Jaclyn


We love him to death and everyone stops us on our walks to find out what kind and where we got him:)! – Emily


Auggie is doing great and loves playing with his many toys. I also attached some photos of Auggie so you can see how he looks now. (:


Buddy is great…he’s quite the little ham.  He plays with his paws so much, he would have been more appropriately named Otter.  He’s around 15 pounds now and just as happy go lucky as can be.  Everyone loves him and most people are blown away when they hear he is a labradoodle (I guess because of his size).  In any event, all is well with Buddy so far. – Lisa


We are absolutely in love with Charlie. He is such a good puppy and is so so cute!  He has really taken to our 5 yr old lab, Susie. They play all day and then he sleeps on her!  I’ll get some pictures together and send them to you. Fondly, – Lisa

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