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We absolutely love hearing back from our puppies families! Below are some of the wonderful testimonials and feedback from people who have adopted Labradoodles from us. (We put 10 testimonials per page. Click the links below for additional testimonials)

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Thought you would like to see Sydney’s 4 month birthday pictures.  She has really grown and couldn’t be cuter!  She is a fast learner too, and MUCH loved. Libby


Sydney had her first grooming last week and I almost didn’t recognize her with her bright little eyes shining. I’m sure she can see better too. I have given several people your web page address.  Everyone wants to know where we got her.  Before and after pictures attached. Libby


Hi Tom and Robyn-

We couldn’t love “Tug” any more than we do!!  He is the perfect puppy – full of love, a happy, waggly tail, great temperament, and completely gorgeous!  The ride home was uneventful – he whimpered a bit, but was very good.  He was greeted at his new home by family and friends.  We also learned that he loves to swim!  He tried to take a few strokes in his water dish – we have since put him in a pool, and he swims with strength and enthusiasm.  His intelligence is already beginning to show as well.  He is responding to simple commands in a positive manner and has already learned about the basic routines of the house.  He doesn’t bark – he eats well – he is now sleeping through the night.(As of last night!)   I am enjoying our short training sessions, our play time, our walks, and our socializing with friends and other dogs.  He is the hit of the neighborhood!

Everyone who Tug meets falls madly in love with him and there have been many “dog napping” threats!  He is perfect in every way and we are so happy to have him in our family!!  It will only be one week tomorrow, but I feel like he has been with us forever.  He is adapting to crate training (he sleeps there in the night and we keep the door open in the day) but I find that being at our feet is his favorite spot.

Thank you so much for breeding such a perfect puppy.   I will send pictures as he grows and changes and let you know how he is getting along. All best, Laurie


HEY! I have named her Bali after my favorite surf spot.  She has been AMAZING!  She barely cries.  The first night was suprisingly easy and she didn’t cry at all.  I guess she was really exhausted.  I woke up throughout the night to walk her.  I have spent every minute with her since I got her and her personality is beginning to shine through.  She’s quite the little character.  It’s hard to go anywhere without people showering her with attention.  I will send y’all pictures as soon as I download them on my computer. Hope y’all are doing well! Margaret


Robyn and Tom, I have attached some pictures of Bali from this summer.  I have some great ones that my friend (he’s a photographer) took from a camping trip we went on last weekend.  I will send you those when he emails them to me. 2 of the pictures are of an afternoon on the beach. The other one, Bali is sitting with my mom on my parents sailboat.  She is quite a sailor dog!! Hope you and your family are doing well.  The new litter is gorgeous! Margaret


Little Bair is growing so fast!!! 4lbs at 8 weeks. 5lbs at 12 weeks and bigger by the second. He learned how to sit and lay down last week. Both from commands and hand motions. He’s so smart! He’s very happy and playful. Winning hearts everywhere he goes. I’ll keep you updated with pics! (Cassie and Boone’s August Litter) Karla


Hey Guys, Already, he seems to be adjusting very well.  Playing and napping.  He ate a decent dinner and did his stuff outside right away.  We just have to make sure we take him out after his naps. One accident so far.  No problem.  We have a small halter for him and he has taken to a leash very well.  He loves the outdoors.  He has met several of the campground pets already and was very curious.  He is going to be great.   We are so happy.  I will put a few pictures on the blog later on this evening.  Thanks so much. Joyce and Dane


Guinness is doing good.  He is such a wonderful little guy and is still growing like a weed. We have found he loves the cold weather, especially the snow.  Again, must be the Lab in him.  When he naps he makes sure he finds the coolest place in the house and when temps permit, he sleeps on the sun porch on the wicker couch, his favorite place. His vet visits have been perfect and he does very well with them.  He is about 23 pounds now, about the same progression as Albert.  He was micro-chipped on his last visit when he received his last round of shots. No more for a year now.  His next visit will be for neutering sometimes this or next month.   Not looking forward to that. Dane is trying to get together some pictures and video taken since his arrival and will put them in a You Tube video.  We’ll make sure you know about it.  We have so many pictures and so much video we don’t know what to put in it.  Feel free to use any and post them on your site. Hope your plans for your next upcoming litters work out.  These last ones were awesome.  We’ll keep posting as the weather improves.  This little (getting bigger) guy is so much a part of us now.  Again….thank you. Joyce

Check Out Guinness’ Blog!!!


I just wanted to touch base and share some pictures of Dark Blue Ribbon from Boone and Hannahs litter from last August.  We named our puppy Blaze.  He is the cutest, smartest, most lovable dog I have ever had.  We are so grateful to have him as part of our family.  Thank you so much breeding such wonderful dogs. Kelly


Cadence has been a welcome addition to our family.  She is so sweet.  Everyone comments on this and how pretty she is.   A couple of months ago our vet even asked if we could provide him with the name of breeder as he had a family member who was interested in getting a dog and he thinks Cadence has such a great disposition.  Our dog Bentley is so happy to have a little sister.  They play all the time.  My husband and I have never seen two dogs who got along so well.  Candence and Bentley play together with Toys (sometimes alone) with no fights or disputes.  They will eat out the same food bowl, drink out the same water bowl and on occasion share the same chewy. Shirley


Yes he rules with his cuteness! I try not to let him get away with it though – must be a disciplined doggie! He is doing very well, going to puppy daycare and playing with other puppies M-F. He knows how to come, off, sit, down, fetch, stay, and is close to being able to heel. Next on the list is shake  Love him so much! Ellen


Just wanted to email you a current photo of Auggie…. he is doing so well.  We have him in a pet training courses @ petsmart and he is picking up things quickly!  So smart and full of life….he loves the Frisbee an playing chase with our neighbors dog Chandler (he is a beagle mix). He wants to play with every dog he sees…he just bounces around and barks to see if they will play with him. We go on walks and he investigates lots on the way but keep moving along. Elaine

Ella Fitzgerald

Hey Guys, Just a quick update: Ella is 20 pounds and she’s incredible.  I honestly don’t think you could find a cooler dog than Ella.  The Vet and  his nurses/secretaries are madly in love with her.  She is a real  puppy but man is she smart (as a whip). I’ll be sending you more photos but I just wanted to touch base with you.  Hope you are doing well.  It’s a beautiful day on Long Island. All my best, Richard

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