Nellie’s Past Litter Pictures

Nellie has had some really cute Mini Australian Labradoodle puppies! They have such soft and fleecy coats, without a tight curl! Just beautiful golden fleece locks. They don’t need to be groomed as often as a curly coated Mini Australian Labradoodle as their coats are not as prone to matting. If you are looking for a small Australian Labradoodle with NO SHEDDING or allergy problems, then this is the litter for you!

Auggie – Mini Australian Labradoodle

Mack – Mini Australian Labradoodle

Just wanted to check in with you guys and send a recent photo of Mack. He is doing very well, and is very much part of the family. We have also scheduled some obedience training that will start in may, saying that he is a very good puppy, and is already house trained, sits and goes down….he also like to walk on his back legs! He thinks he’s human. I just wanted you to know that we love our little guy, and that we are taking good care of him. The new puppies on your web site look adorable!


 Spencer – Mini Australian Labradoodle

 Bocci – Mini Australian Labradoodle

 Rocky – Mini Australian Labradoodle

We hope you’ve enjoyed the updates from Lola’s Mini Australian Labradoodle puppies! Be sure to check our main website to see if Nellie has any upcoming litters available!

Available Labradoodle Puppies


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