Vittoria’s Past Litter Pictures


Below are puppies from Vittoria’s past litters. These puppies are the prime example of what a MultiGen Australian Labradoodle should be. They have that sought after stocky build and blocky, teddy bear face. Their coats are the softest fleece that are allergy friendly and non-shedding. We knew that they were special when they were here with us, but we have been blessed to hear just how wonderful they are from their new puppy families. We feel like proud parents. We do our very best when raising our MultiGen Australian Labradoodle puppies, and the best feeling is when we hear back from our puppy families and how happy they are! Be sure to read the testimonials with each dog below!

Molly – MultiGen Australian Labradoodle


Sophie – MultiGen Australian Labradoodle

“Sophie a/k/a SophieBear is fantastic.  While we are certainly biased, my family can’t imagine there being a better dog, especially at such a young age. Also, she has not shed a single hair and after two weeks my wife’s allergies became non-existent (these were top priorities for us)” Doug

Bogey – MultiGen Australian Labradoodle

“Wanted you guys to know, had a wonderful compliment for you. We had a trainer to come by and talk with us to make sure we were doing things right. He has been training dogs for 30 years several celebrities also, such as Gerald Ford, and Kirk Douglas. Said has trained a lot of labradoodles and thinks they are great dogs. Kept looking at Bogey and saying what a great looking dog, also loved the way he carried himself, and said he was obviously very smart. Ended up saying he was one of the best looking labradoodles  he has seen and he was really sincere, Also could not believe how well adjusted he was already. We have a very large house here with a number of doors going outside,  all on one level, he has already learned his way around every where. Also sits on command, and high fives. Sleeping much better now and potty training coming along pretty good,  loves to ride around in my golf cart with me  and follows me every where. Everyone that meets him adores him. Needless to say we are very proud parents. Thanks for every thing will keep in touch.” Roma

Nina – MultiGen Australian Labradoodle

We hope you’ve enjoyed the updates from Lola’s MultiGen Australian Labradoodle puppies! Be sure to check our main website to see if Vittoria has any upcoming litters available!

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